Howdy from BarbTUSA!

JewleRae.Com is the blog site established to support the metaverse adventures of Barbara Tomlin, avatar handler for Jewle Rae.  Jewle Rae first rezzed as an avatar on December 27, 2009. At that time I had the option to choose her first name and select her last name from a computer-generated list. Since then I’ve used the same name in a couple of other virtual worlds but after a year of research, I consider Second Life  my favorite virtual environment and continue to support Jewle Rae’s efforts in developing and maintaining an island she has leased there.

I have never been a fan of computer games, primarily because I have had to spend the majority of my working hours in the past 25 years making a living while sitting in front of a personal computer. But after seeing James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D during the Christmas 2009 holiday season, I was intrigued with the 3D technology deployed and decided to take a closer look at virtual worlds, particularly immersive learning environments and multi-dimensional artistic outlets. It is through the Jewle Rae moniker that I am exploring these avenues and via that I have chosen to chronicle my findings.

Welcome to my latest adventures online!

BarbTUSA (AKA Jewle Rae)