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My life has changed dramatically over the last 18 months. I am currently on the road away from home, spending most of my time in Central Oregon. This winter I took time out to go to the theater to see the movie Avatar. I was so intrigued over the virtual world James Cameron had created for the movie that I embarked on an adventure to see what a 3D virtual world might offer someone with my background. I am happy to report that I found a place where business is thriving in ways I never imagined possible. I have gotten back to my artistic roots and when I am not busy helping a successful gallery and its artists in real life, I am creating a new economy in the metaverse through Jewle Rae.

My avatar Jewle Rae exists today primarily because I was introduced to the 3D virtual world through a friend I was singing with over the Christmas 2009 holiday season. She is the avatar handler for one of the top singing sensations in Second Life. Appearing as Starr Singer in the virtual world, she sings every other weekend at some of the top night clubs in Second Life. After watching her first in-world performance, I was hooked on the idea of joining her there with my own tunes.

If you are a singer, musician or a DJ, you should consider adding performing in the virtual world to your marketing mix, too. To join me on this 3D virtual world adventure, you will need to open a Second Life account, download and install a compatible 3D browser and complete an orientation on how to handle your avatar in the virtual world. You can choose between a premium account or a FREE basic account. I recommend getting a Premium Account not just because you will get a free ‘home’ that is for your private use but because it is a great way to experience what it means to be part of a virtual community. Currently there are three pricing levels for Premium Accounts: $9.95 per month, $22.50 per quarter, or $72 per year. My company signed up to be a Second Life affiliate to defray some of the cost of publishing and maintaining my presence online. I would appreciate it if you would click on the web ad in either column to join me in world. After you have enrolled and installed the software but before you log into Second Life contact me and I will be happy to join you in world and welcome you personally.

Here is some information I read before I embarked on my adventure, and you are welcome to read them and research farther before deciding to join me but because you know me, I’m prepared to save you some time by offering you a venue to learn and practice in before going any farther.  I’m eager to tell you all about it after you take the first step and join me in-world.

Resource Links for Performers, Musicians and DJs
(Bear in mind that I’ve already checked out the resources, etc. save time by joining me in world to get started. You can learn how to use an audio stream by using the one at my place).