Alice in WonderSLand for Mothers Day

I was so impressed when I opened up the ticket package (object) for Alice in WonderSLand. The interactive ticket contained an event landmark, information on the play and recommendations for the best viewing experience.

Jewle opens her Alice in WonderSLand ticket box.
Alice in WonderSLand Ticket ~ I'm impressed!

It’s a bit difficult for my husband to view the notecards inWorld so I’m including the A.R.T. production teams instructions below.

The A.R.T. production team has designed the Alice in WonderSLand performances with SL limitations in mind to ensure the best performance for our audiences. However, a big part of a smooth performance is you, our audience. Please make  the following recommended adjustments for your viewer prior to the performance:

  • Remove all scanner-type HUDs, and high lag scripted items.
  • Remove animation over-riders (to enjoy some special audience effects).
  • Turn draw distance down to 64 on your graphics settings.
  • Turn other graphics settings on high or maximum according to your graphics capabilities.
  • Enable voice. We have a subtitled performance for hearing impaired (see poster for time/date).

Please come early to the performance to allow pre-loading of textures, animations, sounds, and fellow audience members. There will be Ushers available for help onsite with any of the above aspects prior to the performances.