The Cove House (Sky Box) Fully Furnished

On June 24 I also bought Novocaine Islay’s latest build of The Cove House. It is a much smaller build but low-prim and fully furnished. It looked like it might be a good rental option.


  • 30×15 meters (512 sqm or more)
  • Low prim: 95 fully furnished
  • Cost: $199L
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod
  • Builder: Novocaine Islay
  • Updates: Automatic, free and for life. Just rez package again to see if version is current. If not, you should automatically receive the new release.


  • Remote Control System
  • 2 floors
  • Security System (needs permissions on the land) with menù access option: with menu access options: all, group, managers, or owner only; adjustable scanrange; adjustable delay
  • Privacy windows 3 positions: open, weave open and closed.
  • Lockable doors
  • radio (needs media permissions on the land)
  • Lights ~ 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors
  • Rental Mode
  • Relay deedable with group
  • Teleporters
  • Free undate for life
  • High quality textures
  • Rez-faux

All furniture are animated with no static and no freebie poses.

  • 4 different rugs
  • 2 different paints
  • 3 different potted plants
  • Adjustable multianimated couch
  • sex bed MLP high quality animations:6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play, BDSM menu
  • adjustable multianimated armchair
  • coffee table
  • Sex dinner table 74 high quality animations
  • dinner chairs
  • Kitchen
  • shelf
  • fireplace (on/off)
  • deedable tv with loop
  • animated sink + mirror
  • Hot tub MLP high quality cuddles animations