Tuscany House (Skybox) Furnished

I have been searching for a Tuscany-style house for several weeks but everything I had found before this one was either too high in prim count or price. I picked up this Novocaine Islay build quickly in hopes that it would be the answer to my search.  I visited the builder’s inworld models but there was so much lag at the time I couldn’t rez anything so I went ahead and purchased the prefab and rezzed it in a sandbox.  It looked great on the first rez. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same success rezzing it on my island and after several attempts gave up and set up The Flight House model to use for a while instead.

Tuscany House Specs:

  • Size: 50×50 meters (requires 4096 sqm or more)
  • Prims: 296 fully furnished
  • Cost: $199L (One Week Promo Price; Purchased on 6/9)
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod
  • Builder: Novocaine Islay
  • Updates: Automatic, free and for life. Just rez package again to see if version is current. If not, you should automatically receive the new release.

House Features:

  • splashable multianimated pool
  • Ambient Sound Controller: lake and woods sounds.
  • Remote Control System for windows, doors, radio, security and lights
  • 2 floor (1 room empty)
  • Security System (needs permissions on the land) with menù access option: with menu access options: all, group, managers, or owner only; adjustable scanrange; adjustable delay
  • privacy windows 3 positions: open, weave open and closed.
  • lockable doors
  • radio (needs media permissions on the land)
  • lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors
  • Rental Mode
  • relay deedable with group
  • plants & trees
  • patio
  • free update for life
  • high quality textures
  • rez-faux

All furniture pieces are animated with no static and no freebie poses.
Furniture pieces can be removed or copied separately for use in other homes or places you own.

  • 5 different rugs
  • 5 different paints
  • 6 different potted plants
  • Adjustable Ultianimated couch MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations
  • sex bed MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations:6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play, BDSM menu
  • adjustable multianimated armchair
  • chaiselongue
  • 2 different coffee tables
  • Sex dinner table 74 high quality animations
  • dinner chairs
  • Kitchen (water on/off)
  • fireplace (on/off)
  • Drink Dispenser (give over 60 different drinks)
  • bar
  • cabinet
  • desk + chair + active computer for Viewer 2
  • bedside + dresser + mirror
  • Internet for Vievew 2
  • animated sink
  • animated wc
  • bath accessories
  • Hot tub MLP high quality cuddles animations
  • multianimated adjustable sunbed
  • multianimated adjustble float

How to reach builder: