Living the Dream

September 9, 2014 ~ This morning I was reminded of one of the biggest benefits of maintaining a virtual life. We never know when we might be stricken with illness or become handicapped in such a way we are not able to physically or emotionally get out in the real world , at least not without a tremendous amount of assistance. While I was viewing a YouTube video on today’s Super Moon, this suggested video published by the Colorado Public News came up:

As you can see it depicts the use of Second Life as an educational tool as well as a therapeutic tool. Second Life can contribute to real life healing and healthy social interaction that would not otherwise be possible for some folks, ones who are often forgotten.

Jewle Rae on Hiatus

In 2011 Jewle’s avatar handler underwent colon cancer surgery, followed by lengthy rehabilitation. While her avatar handler is now cancer free, she must focus on regaining her strength and vigor to pursue her business and recreational activities once again. Spring 2014 is the target for Jewle to return to active participation in the metaverse.