2021-02-07 Re-Entry

TodaJewle Rae and King, Corgi Pupy I purchased two corgi pups in Second Life Marketplace.  I think that is the first purchase I’ve made in three years! Since the last time I logged into Second Life, both my corgi and my best friend who helped me manage her lost his battle with cancer (AML).  The new corgis are mesh, taking up only 2 prims if standing. I can also hold them in my arms as shown here. When I do that, there is no impact on the land. Before purchasing the corgis, I had spent a couple of hours in-world just going through inventory and trying to determine what to do about my appearance. I think I’m going to have to create a new mesh avatar if I plan to do a lot of filming. I have to be cognizant of copyrights and artistic licenses. 

The big surprise came when I teleported to a premium sandbox and attempted to rez one of my resort builds. I had forgotten to rez an environment first. There was no ocean or terrain for my resort to anchor to. The whole scene was quite hilarious. I’m going to have to try again the next time I log in.  

Jewle Rae on Hiatus

In 2011 Jewle’s avatar handler underwent colon cancer surgery, followed by lengthy rehabilitation. While her avatar handler is now cancer free, she must focus on regaining her strength and vigor to pursue her business and recreational activities once again. Spring 2014 is the target for Jewle to return to active participation in the metaverse.

Official Hair Fair 2011 Photo Contest on Flickr

I was shopping in the Second Life Marketplace recently when I discovered some hair styles that looked more real than any I had previously seen.  I found these hairstyles in the Amacci shop owned by Carina Larssen.  I was so intrigued by the designer’s work I decided to visit her store in world.  Upon arriving there I was alerted to the upcoming hair fair happening in July. I was particularly interested because one of the event activities was a photo contest.  I was referred to the Flickr group for the event where I also found rules for participating in the contest.  I actually considered entering some photos in the contest but sadly did not get my act together in time to meet the Fathers Day entry deadline.


Link to Slideshow on Flickr