Blanca Peak Multi-Animated House (Furnished)

It’s been a while since my last purchase of a Novocaine Islay build.This morning I came across the one week intro promo on this Blanca Peak house loaded with animations for $199L and couldn’t resist adding it to my inventory. The great thing about Islay’s builds is that they are copy/mod and even at the regular price cheap for a newbie builder.

Blanca Peak House Specs:

  • Size: 60×60 meters (requires 4096 sqm or more)
  • Prims: 322 fully furnished
  • Cost: $199L (One Week Promo Price; Purchased on 8/17)
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod
  • Builder: Novocaine Islay
  • Updates: Automatic, free and for life.

House Features:

  • splashable multianimated pool
  • sun shading and lighting on the floors (with open/dim windows)
  • Ambient Sound Controller: lake and woods sounds.
  • Remote Control System for windows, doors, radio, security and lights
  • 2 floor (1 room empty)
  • Security System (needs permissions on the land) with menu access option: with menu access options: all, group, managers, or owner only; adjustable scanrange; adjustable delay
  • privacy windows ~ 3 positions: open, weave open and closed.
  • lockable doors
  • radio (needs media permissions on the land)
  • lights  ~ 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors
  • Rental Mode
  • relay deedable with group
  • plants & trees (not linked with the house)
  • platform(not linked with the house
  • telports
  • patio
  • free update for life
  • high quality textures
  • rez-faux

All furniture pieces are animated with no static and no freebie poses. They are not linked to the house so you can move them around, copy pieces to add to other builds or delete them individually.

  • 4 different rugs
  • 6 different paints
  • 6 different potted plants
  • Adjustable Multianimated outodoor couch MLP 98 high quality cuddles animations
  • sex bed MLP Xcite compatible high quality animations:6 props, single, kisses, cuddles, 4-play, BDSM menu
  • 3 different adjustable multianimated armchairs
  • pool table (not playable)
  • coffee table
  • Drinks Dispenser (over 60 different drinks)
  • Sex dinner table 74 high quality animations
  • animated dinner chairs
  • animated dinner stools
  • Kitchen (water on/off)
  • fireplace (on/off)
  • animated bar
  • animated bar stools
  • shelf
  • bedside
  • console
  • Internet for Vievew 2
  • home teathre
  • animated sink (water on/off)+ mirror
  • animated wc
  • bath accessories
  • Hot tub MLP high quality cuddles animations, steam, water and bubbles menu
  • multianimated adjustable sunbed
  • Rug MLP high quality sex & cuddles animations

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