Tiki House (Furnished)

Stopped by SL Exchange yesterday and noticed a $2450L home on sale for $199L.  The tiki design caught my attention so I decided to browse the builder’s photos. I was so impressed with the texture detail I couldn’t resist adding it to my inventory.  I haven’t had time to rez it yet but am looking forward to doing that later this week.

Tiki House Specs:

  • Model Number: LR House 28 v1
  • 45×60 meters
  • Low prim: 339 fully furnished (House – 219 Prim; Kitchen – 71 Prim; Bathroom Furnishings – 49 Prim)
  • Home Features Control System (LRHomeControl) -  Doors/Windows/Fireplace/Teleporter/Lamps
  • Lockable Doors (access-list control)
  • Scripted Window Blinds (open/close)
  • Animated water fountain (water falls into pool)
  • Splashable pool with lounging deck
  • Builder: Nicole McDowell, LR Script & Design (Marketplace Store 29116)
  • Permissions: Copy/Mod/No Transfer
  • Updates: No Terms Mentioned – must verify terms with builder
  • Furnishings

    • Bathroom tub and toilet – both animated
    • Furnished kitchen with working appliances
    • Plants and Trees (Detailed Texture)

    See Item at Builder’s inWorld Store | See Item in Builder’s Marketplace Store