Kailua Tiki Beach House

After three visits to the latest house built by Bee Caudron of Bee Designs, I finally broke down and bought it today. I really didn’t need another house, but I’m finding that just about anything created by Bee Caudron is irresistible. Here is my Kailua Tiki Beach House Flickr Album. I invite you to browse it and see if you don’t agree with my assessment.


I picked this up on a limited time intro offer for only $499L, saving $4000L. Beach houses from the northeast coast of Brazil served as Bee’s inspiration for creating this virtual masterpiece.  The package  is copy/mod and only 591 prims, including bathroom and furnishings you see in the photos.  There is no kitchen but if cooking is your fancy, a gourmet kitchen can be added. I’d place one on the lower level and to save prims, I would probably cut out most of or all of the bathroom. Personally, I’d find an outside shower much more entertaining. The two pools and decking are also included with this build.  As you can see from the pics, I tested out the floaters, sofas, lounging pillows and swing.  And yes, the poolside tiki hut came in this bundle, too!