First Shopping Experience

Just like in the real-world Second Life merchants were offering lots of special year-end savings so I decided to take three vendors up on their offers. I figured that whatever I purchased would be placed automatically in the corresponding product  folder within my Inventory.  That was far too blonde. Then I discovered there is an Objects folder within the Inventory.  That’s where all the objects automatically land but then I couldn’t figure out how to get the objects opened so I gave up and logged out.

Today I found the new Second Life Answers community where the first post was from a user asking what to do with the objects.  I learned that vendors often package multiple items in the form of objects and that all I needed to do was to drag the object out of my Inventory on to the floor or ground in front of  JewleRae. Then using my Mouse, right click on the object which brings up a menu from which I can select “Open”. This helpful YouTube tutorial was included:

YouTube Video URL

I still haven’t found the products I’ve purchased from two of the vendors.  Ugh!