Alice in WonderSLand ~ Avatar Repertory Theater

This morning my husband asked me how we could celebrate Mother’s Day together when I was 1300 miles from home.  The last thing he was expecting me to suggest was that he join me in the virtual world of Second Life to watch avatars perform in a play, and the last thing I expected him to say was, “What a great idea!” Happily we were able to purchase tickets to see Alice in WonderSLand at 2:00 PM SLT (PT) Sunday.

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Flower Garden Particle Emitter

Spring is finally in the air! Early this morning I went shopping in world at Outy’s Particle Paradise ~

Outy's Particle Paradise in Second Life
Jewle visits Outy's Particle Paradise

But I couldn’t find the copy edition of the flower garden emitter I had seen yesterday so I returned to purchase the Flower Garden Emitter on XStreetSL for $1350L. (Current Listing in SL Marketplace)

Upon rezzing the emitter for the first time, I quickly discovered that it was going to take some effort to get the flowers planted in a position that looked natural. Within seconds I was up to my neck in flowers!

Flower Garden Particles Meditation Cave
First Flower Garden Particles Installation ~ Gritaville Meditation Cave