Artist Easels

I own more than one artist easel but this one by Artful Kidd is my favorite:

Animated Artist Easel by Artful Kidd

The number one reason I like this one the most is because it is COPYABLE.  Since it is only 10 prims copies of it can be left at more than one location on my island, making it easier to set up for machinima shots.  The easel also comes with a light that can be turned off or left on. You will find it in Artful Kidd’s Marketplace store.  This product link was active on the date I purchased it.

Here is the product review I left in the Marketplace:

Animated Artist Easel Product Review

Click on the image to see the full-size version or read my review in the Marketplace.

Animated Drafting Table Set

Early this morning I went to re-rez a no-copy drafting table that I’d already purchased two times,  only to find that once again that the table was missing from my inventory.  I still had the builder’s link so I quickly bought another one.   Before I had rezzed it, I decided to run a quick search for a copyable one in the Second Life Marketplace. Much to my surprise I found three that were. The one I settled on was made by Artful Kidd of Kiddz Creations.  It cost me $350L but already I am convinced it was well worth the price. Here are the product specs:

Prims: 11 Total

  • 9 prims ~ table
  • 2 prims ~ chair

Permissions: Copy Only
Inventory Included:  Table, Chair, Wearable Pen (animations in stool and table)
Merchant Name: Artful Kidd
SL Merchant ID:  119151
Merchant Blog: Kiddz Creations
YouTube Channel: Artful Kiddz

Artful Kidd Drafting Table
This set includes a metal textured drafting table with an animated drawing board table top texture. While it’s cool to see the drawing board texture change as I draw,  the texture is not changeable to something I’ve drawn. Conversely, I paid $550L for my Gypsy Sketchbook by Gypsy Paz and get to use my own textures with it;  however, it is not copyable. I would have been happy to pay the $1000L for a similarly equipped, copyable drafting table.  Meanwhile, I can add a “video green” prim on top of my drafting table to use for machinima productions. That way I can add a video animation on the prim in post-production editing.