Animated Drafting Table Set

Early this morning I went to re-rez a no-copy drafting table that I’d already purchased two times,  only to find that once again that the table was missing from my inventory.  I still had the builder’s link so I quickly bought another one.   Before I had rezzed it, I decided to run a quick search for a copyable one in the Second Life Marketplace. Much to my surprise I found three that were. The one I settled on was made by Artful Kidd of Kiddz Creations.  It cost me $350L but already I am convinced it was well worth the price. Here are the product specs:

Prims: 11 Total

  • 9 prims ~ table
  • 2 prims ~ chair

Permissions: Copy Only
Inventory Included:  Table, Chair, Wearable Pen (animations in stool and table)
Merchant Name: Artful Kidd
SL Merchant ID:  119151
Merchant Blog: Kiddz Creations
YouTube Channel: Artful Kiddz

Artful Kidd Drafting Table
This set includes a metal textured drafting table with an animated drawing board table top texture. While it’s cool to see the drawing board texture change as I draw,  the texture is not changeable to something I’ve drawn. Conversely, I paid $550L for my Gypsy Sketchbook by Gypsy Paz and get to use my own textures with it;  however, it is not copyable. I would have been happy to pay the $1000L for a similarly equipped, copyable drafting table.  Meanwhile, I can add a “video green” prim on top of my drafting table to use for machinima productions. That way I can add a video animation on the prim in post-production editing.