Zumba Dance Pack Purchase

On March 28, 2013 I purchased the Zumba Dance Pack from Henmations Slow Motion Capture Technology. My problem is that the steps must be programmed into sequences. Now that I’ve spent a few hours on this, I think it is better to buy an animation pack preloaded in a Dance HUD.


HUD is the acronym for heads-up-display. I have quite a collection of them. In this category I will be adding posts about the ones I purchased, have been given to use, or desire to have. Following is a Torley Linden video, explaining what HUDs are and how to use them in Second Life.

You should also check out the Second Life WIKI on HUDs.

Auto Emote – Automatic Facial Animation HUD

This HUD by Outy Banjo cost me $500L. What I really like is its ability to search through over 300 phrases to animate your face based on what you say. If you spend a little time tweaking it, you can match expressions according to your speaking style. Outy Banjo outlines how to use the HUD in his product description which you can read when you visit the product page of Outy banjo’s  Second Life Marketplace store #2905  – Auto Emote – Automatic Facial Animation HUD.