HUD is the acronym for heads-up-display. I have quite a collection of them. In this category I will be adding posts about the ones I purchased, have been given to use, or desire to have. Following is a Torley Linden video, explaining what HUDs are and how to use them in Second Life.

You should also check out the Second Life WIKI on HUDs.

Multi Face Emoter HUD Pro

Getting facial expressions to match the emotions you are trying to convey are a bit a of a challenge in Second Life.  I have purchased several emoter HUDs so far and rarely wear any of them. One of the HUDs I purchased to help me with this issue was the Multi Face Emoter HUD Pro by Thrilla Wilber. I primarily bought it because it was marketed as a “must for every model, actor & dancer”. I’ve purchased more than one item from Thrilla so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. With this HUD I can mix multiple emotions to run simultaneously and set them to loop at a variety of intervals.

You can pick this HUD up in Thrilla Wilber’s Xportal Marketplace Store #7144